LeadLander Testimonial


Upland’s LeadLander has been an integral part of our company’s ability to scale and perfect our customer facing communication strategies.

Through a combination of targeted remarketing, trackable urls and video specific engagement statistics – we are able to capture a lot of data about our site’s visitors, but unless we know who they are and when they visit our site, it’s really hard to associate these visitors with specific companies or people – in a way that scales.

Integrating LeadLander into our workflow back in 2016 was done in less than an hour and has changed the way we understand and leverage our visitor data. It’s enabled clarity of visitor traffic that we can’t get with other analytics tools – now we’re able to scale.  Prospect identification, Targeted lead nurturing, understanding a customer’s level of interest before walking into the first meeting, and knowing when to send specific relevant video communication to our point of contact – all enabled through LeadLander. And it integrates with salesforce.

I highly recommend you give the LeadLander team a call to experience the difference.

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