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This is True Quality – Fractal’s 100% Quality Guarantee


Quality is engrained into our being and drives us to the end. This statement is not an exaggeration. Fractal doesn’t succeed unless our clients do too. Our 100% Quality Guarantee is rooted in our confidence and drive to delivery an amazing outcome to each customer.

Fractal comes from a film production background, where every frame has to be perfect and every subject is depicted in their unique image. To give an example, some of our most critically acclaimed work has sequences that last less then a second on screen, and our team tirelessly spend dozens of hours perfecting each frame. This is experienced time from professionals with years of wisdom. This is the depth that our pursuit of quality goes. From the lighting to the sound to the composition, we see content as true art. What we create together is way more than a form of media and the production process is more dynamic then pressing the record button.

Since 2012, we’ve been creating beautiful content. What started as a passion for art transformed into a better way to communicate. As we created more, we learned how to say more. Words and moving images became the vehicle for ideas, tone, voice and energy. We saw immense value in creating one thing that could communicate so much and be distributed so widely. We cultivated our production process into a science without sacrificing any beauty.

We want your brand’s voice to be heard through your content, so we make it a priority to listen during the creation process. Upon the completion of each phase, we require every client to approve the work completed thus far to ensure we are all on the same page.

Phase 1: Create a Clear and Specific Mission

Time is our most valuable asset. Every client relationship starts with an efficient workshop session to understand your company’s expectations, needs, and deadlines. We then use your vision to create a Fractal Roadmap™, ensuring that everyone involved is on track for success.

Phase 2: Content Strategy, Messaging, and Scripting

We’ll work with you to carefully craft a content strategy that reaches your goals and exceeds your expectations. Your needs are unique, so we start from square one. Once the content strategy is designed, we refine specific messaging and scripting to achieve your desired outcomes.

Phase 3: Content Creation

Once your strategy and messaging has been approved, we move to the content creation phase. You’ll receive expert guidance and recommendations as well as executive coaching to assure that the production process is as simple and efficient as possible. By the time the camera starts recording, you’ll be confident in your performance and our ability to make your company look incredible.

Phase 4: Deployment and Education

Production is wrapped. Now it’s time to bring your content alive to the world. We promise to always maintain responsive communication and help you deploy what you’ve created the right way. Learning to leverage content is key to its success. We’re here to help you get the best value out of your new investment.


Every phase of the Fractal Guided Journey is designed with the client at the forefront without demanding or wasting your time. We know it works because we’ve seen our clients succeed in every industry imaginable. Take a look at our impact-driven work and we look forward to doing the same for your brand.


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Fractal’s Quality Guarantee and Repairing a Problem step-by-step is subject to change at any time without notice.


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